Más pena que Gloria

1h 31m 2018


2038. Detroit, Michigan. City of the past and the future. The existing proof of success and rebirth that humanity managed to create. The city of Detroit has brought America to one of its greatest point in history with the invention of intellectual beings that surpass human intelligence; androids. The primary work force, including maids, waitresses, construction workers, and soldiers have been replaced by the machines. Purchasable androids stand on stores with a price tag of less than a single car. But the great development came with consequences. A 37% unemployment rate as well as a massive social class gap between the riches and the poor. A city relying so much on the existence of androids yet having the poorer population against their entire existence. And the rising of some machines named 'Deviants', disobeying their code and choosing to have free will. Follow through three protagonist androids through an intriguing point of time game developers from Quantic Dream introduce; Kara, a housemaid android, Markus, an assistant and carer, and Connor, a specialized police investigation model. Choose through conflicting choices and experience a branching story through the eyes of a machine and go through a world who wants to stop them from being who they really are. The fate of the characters, Detroit, and the whole world depend on your choice. What sacrifices will you make to become free? What sacrifices will you make to be truly human?

Director: Víctor García León

Genres: Comedy

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