Closing Time The Crow: Stairway to Heaven : Season 1 Episode 18

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Draven visits Funboy (Ty Olsson) in prison and, using his powers, forces him to relive the night he helped kill Draven and Shelly. Funboy is genuinely overcome by guilt and remorse. Before he can make amends, however, he is visited by the menacing Soleil Hazard (Gabriel Casseus), who seems to have a telepathic connection to the evil spirit of Top Dollar. Posing as a music promoter for Fadeout Records, Hazard approaches Draven at the Blackout Club and suggests he rejoin his old band. Draven refuses but is disturbed by the encounter, and by the incredible music that starts to fill his every thought. Meanwhile, Albrecht gets his badge back and an assignment: find Funboy, who has broken out of prison. Albrecht warns Darla (Lynda Boyd), but she can't escape her former boyfriend. Draven, lost to the increasingly powerful sounds playing in his head, is oblivious to everything, including Sarah and Albrecht. Reunited with Hangman's Joke for a playoff competition against Econoline Crush (as them

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