Dead to Rights The Crow: Stairway to Heaven : Season 1 Episode 21

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A cop-killer is using women as bait. Extremely intelligent and malevolent, the killer kidnaps women, then waits to pick off any police who come to the rescue. Vincennes launches a verbal tirade against the killer's cowardice, vowing to use any means to catch him. When this message is televised, he becomes the target and his wife Karen (Patricia Harras) is kidnapped to provide the lure. The frantic Lieutenant brings his children Jason (Alex Pollack) and Libby (Lauren Zabel) to the precinct for safety and Albrecht persuades Sarah to help look after them. Meanwhile, Albrecht and Capshaw are doing their own digging and finally, with some empathic insight from Draven, piece together the awful truth. The cop-killer is himself a cop: Reid Truax (Anthony Michael Hall), from their own station, is known for violence. As a lowly patrolman, however, no one even notices him. Now he has lured Vincennes into his trap and Draven and Albrecht have to find them. The trouble is, when the vengeful Crow em

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